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Less talk – more value: How silence can revolutionize how we meet, communicate and work together

In his popular talk, Bastian Overgaard reveals how to get more focus, momentum and higher team-performance by using silence as a tool. He shares his cutting-edge reseach with captivating presence, humor and exciting anecdotes from organizations that have achieved a more productive and thriving meeting culture by putting silence on the agenda. 

Get insights about:

  • Why conversation doesn’t always promote understanding
  • Why your colleagues actually don’t hear what you’re saying
  • How meetings force everyone to multitask (which is kind of stupid)
  • What we should learn from the actor’s dramatic pause
  • How Strategic Silence removes “noise” in your communication

Bastian is an incredibly skilled communicator, he creates a pleasant atmosphere and communicates accurately, nuanced and entertaining. A mix of data, theory and fun examples makes it easily digestible and exciting.

Gitte Seiffert,
Novo Nordisk A/S

What’s the effect?

Value for Managers: Bastian Overgaards talk provides valuable inspiration for managers who want to increase productivity and create a healthy high performance culture. Understand how strategic silence strengthens your own communication, authority, and ability to make decisions.

Value for employees: You get a common knowledge about “noise”, silence and talk. It makes you better at filtering out the unnecessary and focus on what matters in your meetings, communication and collaboration. Know how silence gives you more mental energy and make you a better listener.

Value for conferences: Bastian Overgaard speaks into one of the most important themes of our times: the need for mental health, meaningfulness and sustainable leadership. Bastians talk is thought provoking in a surprisingly respectful way and gives specific inspiration to boost your brainpower.


Bastian Overgaard nailed it in his talk about how we can make our meetings more effective in NNIT. The most important thing about Silent Co-creation is that it doesn’t require extra time besides the meetings we already hold. It is relevant to everyone. It was crazy with the examples and cases Bastian brought from her work on Silent Co-creation. It was practical and something everyone could recognize.
Rikke Plagborg

About Bastian Overgaard & Silent co-creation

Too much time is spend on people talking too much about too little. Clear communication, trust and high performance-teamwork is crucial if we want to reach our goals and create value in turbulent times. Therefore future workplaces must think different to reduce ineffective “noise” in meetings.

This is what Bastian Overgaard talks about based on his new book “Støjfri Ledelse” (“Noisefree Leadership”). His critically acclaimed book went straight to the bestseller lists in Danmark, and the international edition is on its way. Bastian Overgaards silent co-creation concept is used in some of the largest companies and organizations – and challenge how we communicate more effectively and have meetings that saves time and mental energy. 


Duration 45 – 90 minutes.

The lecture can be booked as a keynote at conferences, work environment days, team days, management seminars etc.

To be held ONLINE/offline in English or Danish.

The talk can be combined with a Silent co-creation workshop focusing on a specific theme, such as effective meetings, collaboration, change management, stress management, recruting and retention, war for talent, inclusion of introverts, agile leadership, innovation and work/life-balance.

Call 60 60 98 89 for an offer.

Selected clients

Danske Bank, Novo Nordisk A / S, Ørsted, DSV, SEAS-NVE, IDA, DJØF, the leaders, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Danish Nursing Council, KL, Finansforbundet, the Medical Association and several Danish municipalities.

Employee feedback three months after the lecture:

  • We have gained more focus, presence and respect for each other
  • We suddenly get through all the points on the agenda
  • We experience more peace of mind during the work day
    We have been given more time for our real work
  • We’ve got more time to our “real” work



After years of research, Bastian Overgaard has developed the Silent co-creation methodology to help leaders facilitate dynamic high performance-meetings.

By following the 4 principles of silent co-creation, leaders can create effective meetings with:

  • optimal communication and knowledge sharing
  • higher mental focus
  • faster decisions
  • balance between introverted and extroverted talents
  • shorter meetings and happier employees

Bastian Overgaard has put silence on the agenda in a number of C25 companies, public organizations, boards and municipalities.

Silent co-creation is not about meditation, but using silence as a strategic meeting and management tool. This is an art as silence can become awkward and fall to the ground if not implemented correctly.

As a pioneer, Bastian Overgaard presents the potential of silence in a way that makes sense to both executives and employees. This gives and common frame of reference, with the result that meetings can be shortened by up to 50 percent. See references from eg. Novo Nordisk, Danske Bank and Finansforbundet. Or read articles about Bastian’s work in Forbes, Politiken, Executive, Politiken and DR.dk



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